Thursday, 15 March 2012

#EVENTS VIP Corporate Launch

"The Show Must Go On"
Location: K2 Mcr City Centre
Date: 25th Jan 2012

So following the SKJA Lookbook shoot a mere 2days later, the show must go on and that it did all under the elaborate Oriental K2 roof.

The models were well prepared and ready to wow the premier audience a diverse mix of Business owners, Directors, Bankers and other Corporate big shots. 

They were welcomed by a champagne reception, classy hostesses and the elegance of the extravagant surroundings.

Back of house was less glamorous and laid back as always, as the models were prepped for the Runway Opening. Having said that, it was one of the most aesthetically pleasing surroundings I've ever worked in behind the scenes of a fashion show.
The Hair & Make up Teams I put together were amazing. Rotating the male and female models efficiently and executing the briefed 1920's -1940's look exquisitely.
I was hands on back of house and front from Runway run throughs, lighting sequences, Pop Up Boutique set ups, goodie bag distribution. 

The Menswear showcased 1st and set an upbeat tone.

Stomping down the runway with full energy against a gradually exuberantly lit background to the Gramaphonedzie remix of the Jessica Rabbit theme tune, "Why Dont You Do Right", Have a listen above.

Contrary to the prior the SKJA womens range set a more classy tone. The music pace was dropped as well as the lighting then to be spot lit with romantic mood lighting. 
The room was filled with the timeless classic sound of Ella Fitz Gerald's "Lady is a Tramp". The models strutted down the runway to the playful swing beat with confidence.
This really set a high end tone for this event and the feedback from the attendees was more than positive. 
I have to take my hat off to the models they were all amazing and a massive thank you to the hair and make-up teams too.

Stay Sxc xx

#TrendOfDaDay: Corporate Green "QUICK POST"

Rock the #TrendOfDaDay Each day of the week with a different flavour in your own way!
Blazer: H&M
Bodysuit: Primani
Pencil Skirt: H&M
Scarf: River Island
Shoes: Verani Shoes
Primer: Black|Up Paris / "Base"
Foundation: Black|Up Paris / Liq/uid "FL11"
Powder: Black|Up Paris / 2Way Cake "TW 16"
Bronzer: Black|Up Paris / Sublime "PS06"
Lowlighter: Sleek / Contour Kit "Dark"
Highlighter: Black|Up Paris / "BL08"
Blusher: Black|Up Paris / "BL11+BL02"
Lipstick: Benifit / "Guilt Tree"

Remember repeat the trend and get tips on how to recreate this look yourself. Send pics of your Corporate Green looks to this post and leave your comments below...Stay Sxc xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Miss Shiniqua UK Directing On Set

"Look Whos Cookin'...Goodlookin"
Location: North Mcr
Date: 23rd Jan 2012

So after a long rd of late night grafting and nocturnal antics we finished the collection under a very tight time frame. Two days before the VIP corporate launch SKJA Runway show we managed to squeeze a shoot in for our new Autumn Winter 2013 Look-book. 

The collection looked amazing on film and the new additions fit perfect with the previous pieces we shot in August. The colour scheme was very fresh with the additions of playful baby pinks, peachs, nudes and Classic

We also used hints of embelishment which is a massive trend right now using pearls and diamant√© over the body of the corset. Lace which is also hot right now was a cute addition which gave the signature ruffles a little character.  

This Shoot was particularly exciting as was the 1st time we had shot the menswear. That meant I got to work with boys :) This was definately the perks of the job directing and styling the gorgeous male models

They worked really professionally and given the enourmous pressure and small time frame they rocked it!

I surprisingly enjoyed directing the menswear more on this occasion. They took direction efficiently and inspired me on set. 

The garments fit both models like a glove and gave us a lot to work with angle and composition wise.

It was a full on busy shoot, having to rotate the models, keep on top of hair and make up, get through all pieces whilst keeping energy levels up and giving the same level of direction through out, I and the models were shattered.

None the less against all the odds the hard persistence paid off.
The ladies looked Chic!!
And the Male Models looked Hott!!

The make-up look was inspired by the raring 20's meets the Romanticism of the 1940's. I used cream to powder foundation bases with 2 way powders to set the look. 

A strong cheek and lip with natural eye set off by up do's, large bridal buns. 

I was very happy with how the garments flowed in the shoot giving me lots of angles to work with. 

If only we had more time id be playing around with fabric and framing all night also getting some partner and themed shots. We plan to re-shoot for the SKJA website launching soon. In the meantime follow the couture Fashion house on Twitter @SKJAltd.Location shoot and promo video coming soon. All thoughts feedback and suggestions welcome.

Stay SXC xx