Tuesday, 27 September 2011


"Diamonds...a girls best friend"
Location: Leeds
Date: 7th Sept 2011

In the Northern Yorkshire town of Leeds on a Weds evening...normally a more subdued relaxed "put the kettle on" type of mood fills the air but tonight two of the North Wests best Couture Designers were in town along side 6 sexy, seductive "sisters".

A collection of exclusive, risqué pieces, Black Diamond brings new faces to a new night from different parts of the UK. The Black Diamond team is spread across the UK. Manchester, Leeds, London, Derby, Newcastle spreading its stylish ambiance with it.

We went for a very sensual bedroom feel for the shoot. 
Using lighting and props to enhance and create a boudoir mood. We paired a high waisted short with diamonds studied on the front. 
For this look we paired it with a white diamond embellished brassiere all created in house.

Make up was a radiant full coverage complexion. Kept dewy with minimal loose powder used on t-zone. The main focus for this outfit was the eyes. using a dramatic dark eyebrow, highlighted heavily with a metallic silver, dramatised with thick black eye-liner. Lips kept peachy, pink playful and nude.

Rather than shoot all the pieces individually we felt they looked stronger collectively. With Black Diamond priding itself on being simply the Lamborghini of event and party planning, specialize in cutting edge parties, event planning and management we created this exclusive, glitz and glamorous feel.

By adding the silver metallic couch and chic backdrop the pieces looked bold and dominant, opting for strong female domineering poses. The models adapted the role well reflecting in the imagery we got.
Black Diamond handles the fine-tone details of creating the most exclusive events for only the most elite clientèle as do our in house design team. 
Strictly only at unique venues all over the UK that host Black Diamond work with. Through creative theme development and ongoing attention to detail both the design and Black Diamond team ensure that every is one of no competition for its rivals. 

All peices hand made to mesure, one off Bespoke peices...rate this shoot "Styletastic", "Fashion Faux Pas", "Indefferent" by ticking the boxes below...Stay Sxc xx

#TRENDOFDADAY: Wow-Factor Wine

This Weeks Trend: Wow-Factor Wine
Time Frame: 19th - 25th Sept

Rock the #TrendOfDaDay Each Day of the week with a different flavor in your own way.

Another week another look and staying on trend could not be easier with this guideline of updating your wardrobe accordingly so you stay in season.

Its been a effervescent week of an abundance of styles, fabrics, colour pallets, prints and textures! So much to choose from but how many will stick and filter down into our handy high street. Well I predict wine will be a luscious look which will be super hot this autumn. From lipsticks to nail varnish full on gowns and hair colour e the first to “get your wine on!
A few ways you can Wow with your wine is your make up look. A wine lipstick worn nicely against a pure natural complexion. And deep blush is Lush, Lush, Lush!!

Here I have applied by liquid medium coverage foundation with a matifying base and blended right into my skin with a stipple brush to create that even natural base. Using a thick slanted brush I lightly dusted a glowing powder over cheek and t-zone. I opted for a deep plum blush applied medium – full on, contoured with highlighter.
A wine lip line was used very thin the same colour as my wine moisturising lipstick applied heavily to give a plump eye-catching look.

In my opinion this look is executed best with hints of wine flashing through. Wine lipstick can definitely turned any outfit into a wow factor wine look. 
Wine scarves and jackets also are ideal for this look. 
However the look we are gong to go fr which executed "Wow Factor Wine" best this week is fresh off the Manhattan catwalk from the Gucci collection! 
A wine flooded floor length number normally wouldn't be my choice but have to say this is a season must have. The fabric so feminine displaying the womanly physique and depth reflecting against skin tone. The use of cut out and high splits are perfect in breaking up the piece
Wine on wine has been accessorised here and looks great! The use of wine shoes, deep wine belt, wine shades on wine lipstick keeping complexion nude full coverage.

Definitely a "Wow Factor"look.

Rate this look "Styletastic", "Fashion Faux Pas" or "Indifferent" by ticking the boxes below...Stay Sxc xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011


"A-List View"
New York Fashion Week Highlights
Weds 14th & Thurs 15th Sept

So the last two days as The Big Apple's Fashion festivities draw to a close the Top Dogs in Hollywood come out to get a peak of the Fashion action.

Oscar award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg and Vogue Fashion editor and Americas Next Top Model Judge Andre Leaon Talley flew in from L.A to divulge in a friendly cuddle before the Chado Ralph Rucci show.

Prestige actor Michael Douglas took the casual leather jacket and Miami Vice opened button short look to the Michael Kors Show. Looking good this look was very age appropriate but not one all silver crown and glory wearers could pull off.

Avatar actress Zoe Saldana photographed below with Fashion Designer Michael Kors after he previewed his Spring 2012 collection. Keeping it simple with grey vest top and calf length pencil skirt. 
A little librarian for me but could of been spiced up with some vibrant sky Christian Laboutins, large diamond studs and wine lips.

Amazing actress Phylicia Rashad and Morgan Freemans Ex-wife Myrna Colley- Lee sit respectably at the B America Spring 2012 Runway show.

27 year old actress Olivia Wilde flew 1st class from Kenya where she was filming to be front row at the only attended show by her, Ralph Lauren.
She was quoted saying "I'm really happy I made it because it was a very special show" and requested one of the pieces to wear around New York.

Loving this lipstick and green clutch to contrast with chick black jumpsuit. 

And last but not least New York Home grown multi-platinum rapper 50 Cent allegedly made an appearance at Fashion Week. Sporting his famous white tee look but today worn with white Fisherman style hat. "You could of put a suit on Curtis".

Check out the #TrendOfDaDay's to follow these High Fashion Spring Collections coming soon.

Stay Sxc xx


"Rewind of the Finale Shows"
New York Fashion Week Highlights
Weds 14th & Thurs 15th Sept

The phrase "save the best till last" could not have been more appropriate as New York Fashion week draws to a close. 

Prestige Hollywood guests and collections exquisite and very High Fashion.
Here were some of my favourites.

Anna Sui's Spring 2012 with a vintage feel using lace, prints and going back to black. Accessorised with turn of the century large sun hats and models wearing bleach blonde hair contrasted with poppy red lips, I thought was absolutely lush. Definitely feeling some white lace and red lip fashion next Spring.

The show which got a standing ovation at 2pm in the theatre was Chado Ralph Rucci. Showcasing some very innovative designs. I was wowed at the diversity in the collection as was the crowd, seeing vogue editor stand and give an adoring hand. 

This full silhouette of kimono style black and white print gown is so high fashion, a piece that adopts that wow factor the type used to make an entrance and leave a long lasting unforgettable effect.

Tailored: Within the collection Rucci also showed his ability to constructively use tailoring. Demonstrating his skillet of traditional dress making and inviting a creative twist. 

Futuristic: "To infinity and beyond" as the collection ventures in to metallics another big trend of the now moving forward in to next spring.

Backless: Flesh being a trend you will see this season and next this backless piece plays with the idea of showing skin through your garment. 

Structured: Loving the use of fabric, length and structure. Again demonstrating a wide skill set in his production ability.

Layered: Its fluffy and chic and cleverly constructed. Trend setting for 2012.

The well respected Ralph Lauren doing two back to back runway shows at the Skylight studio in Soho. Started the final day from 10am - 12pm with the high end surroundings reflective of his classic constructed collection of evening gowns.

Pearly pinks being introduced on the New York Fashion week runway.

Ralph Lauren uses seductive silks which give these evening gowns a bedroom feel. Am sure we see some of Hollywood greats turning up in these on the red carpet next year.

Michael Kors took us on a safari with his Spring 2012 preview.

Bringing the summers cut out swimsuit trend into his 2012 collection.

Feathers again being a trend of yesteryear, one which am not sure will be embraced by the masses to the level it was last time around. 

Last show of the week at 6pm The Guli Fashion show was moved off site by invitation only. A truly exclusive way to end the weeks festivities.

Showcasing some original pieces and repeat trends such as metallics, it was a nice toned down show to wind down from a very vibrant and bold week in New York. What do you think bloggettes? Get your comments in below and rate the last two days of New York Fashion week "Styletastic", "Fashion Faux Pas" or "Indifferent" by ticking the boxes below.

See you in London...Stay Sxc xx


Wyclef & Donna Karen:
"Dancing or Romancing"

"A-List Watch"
New York Fashion Week Highlights
Mon 12th Tues 13th Sept

An Action packed two days as the New York Fashion week Celebrity spotter spices up.

First thing Monday morning was far from dull at the Carolina Herrera show. As Nikki Minaj and Anna Wintour took there front row seats in a combustion of colour worn fiercely. The multi platinum singer turned up in a Marie Antoinette wig and a technicolour and a pompom-ed sweater to grab the prime real estate at New York Fashion Week. Rounding out her look was a bright orange mini skirt, neon stockings and pink shoes. A little to circus act for me but in all fairness I think Nikki could have been the only person who could have carried this off.

Renowned photographer Nigel Barker of the hit TV Show Americas Next Top Model was backstage the Perry Ellis show with model Kelly Bensimone the wife to the photographer responsible for the top prize photo shoot packages also on the show. Looking very cosy, Nigel's sophisticated suit is a classic look that you cant really go wrong with at such an event.

The eccentric New Yorker, Designer Betsey Johnson finishes off her Runway show with an energetic display of the splits. Mad as a box of frogs but respect to you sister after fighting her cancer ordeal still smiling effervescent and so supple at her age. Well Done! 

The Jersey girl Angela Simmons couldn't get enough of the designers at this years fashion week, popping in again to peek the 2012 trends maybe for her own "Pastry" benefits, this time in a fire red / orange blazer. My colour of the summer, love it!

Vera Wang's show got the "Knowles" treatment as Pregnant Beyonce and sister Solange scooped front seats getting a clear view of Wang's Spring 2012 beauts. Mrs mother to be's style was flattering to her bump, head to toe in Vera Wang bustier and layered puffball skirt and Stiletto chunky sandal. Defo a good look for Bee showing she can can still keep it funky and Pregnant doesn't mean frumpy. 

Solanges retro look was by designer J Crew, worn to his show was worn well with the vibrant pink against her glowing skin tone, cropped blue trousers with yellow high heel sandals giving that quirky edge. I would of added a stronger contoured cheek and mohican afro hair do to finish the look 

The Vera Wang front Row definitely looking like a Rocafella party line up as also in attendance was now Basket Ball wife LaLa, just married reality TV show mogul Kim Kardashian and divorced mother to Damon Dash's daughter and New York designer Rachel Roy.

Looking absolutely stunning in this Vera Wang piece Kim's womanly physique definitely shows off the gorgeous drapery in this dress. Worn with a rich blue red lipstick this makes the blue pop and looks great in photos against her up do and matt minimal complexion. A fellow stylist what can I say full marks with nothing to add from me, a job well done.

"Chubby buddies": Wyclef Jean photographed kissing Ms Donna Karen after her Donna Karen label showing. Looking very happy together though am not one to speculate so ill leave the comments in the space underneath to you. Definitely an action packed two days, don't forget to rate them "styletastic" "fashion faux pas" or "indifferent" by ticking a box below.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


"B-Day or Pink Friday"
New York Fashion Week Highlights
Mon 12th & Tues 13th

The week is really spicing up as the trend setting moguls step out and fight for front row spot. From Ms Minaj to Queen Beyonce The Lincoln Centre was bursting at the hinges with the "Hott HollyHood" wanting to be the 1st to rock next seasons fresh off the runway "must haves". 

Monday morning wasn't its usual regrettable, dreary self. The theatre was packed from 10am as Carolina Herrea unleashed her 2012 burst of spring colour palette. Tones of greens, blues and yellows, with simplicity and luxury being her focus.

Inspired by the Bauhaus and the lines of fluidity, she had a strong presence of evening wear and gala gowns. 
A complete contrast from these flowing hems and fresh spring palette was what the next showing in the theatre at 6pm was about to unveil. 

New York designer Betsey Johnson's Spring 2012 collection was a vibrant burst of energy exactly what the week needed. 

This collection celebrates the exuberant, the embellished and the over the top. Creating again a collection of unique and original designs as she has done since the 1960's.

Dresses embellished with rhinestones looking like sugar coated candy canes, from every colour and cut, each piece is unique in its own right. An element of eccentricity yet urban and chic. Her collection was truly limitless and almost impossible to box. See for your self, replaying the video and get a taste of the rainbow front row behind your computer screens.

Another New York designer dominating the Stage at 11am Tuesday morning was the Fashion Heavy weight Miss Vera Wang. Never failing to disappoint she wowed the likes of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian with her signature layering, intricate draping and exquisite designs with massive attention to detail.

This collection saw her using lightweight transparent fabrics a popular runway choice for many next spring.

See the full runway show as if you were sat next to miss K.K herself.