Friday, 9 September 2011


#OVERVIEW - Still sticking with this weeks trend “Charismatic Neutral” remember to stay on trend with Make up as well. 
Thinking about Natural skin tones for blush and complexion. Minimal Highlighter and colour on eye with a Strong Lip.


As winter draws in start to lay  off the bronzer, being golden and glittery in the rain is so not cute lol.
Remember to moisturize both morning and night with creams that reflect your skin type.
To avoid excess dryness breaking through your makeup use masks once a week such as a gentle exfoliate or face peel.
Those with dry skin , when wanting to create a matt look bare in mind the texture and properties of your skin.
Mix tinted moisturizers or skin enhancers with day creams for extra moisture and radiance. Use loose powders as apposed to pressed and invest in a stipple brush  to caress powder into skin without getting that “clay” or “doughy” look. 

#PREPARING SKIN When Applying foundation use good matt primer.
Compact foundations or Cream Powder based Foundations work best with this look.

#APPICATION - SPONGE - If you are using a 2in1 foundation powder use with a damp sponge. This gives a flawless smooth glorious matt look which is perfect for this trend.  All other compacts use dry dabbing rather than wiping for coverage.

#COVERAGE - Use a matt concealer around eyes. Pen concealers which also reflect the light yet staying matt are ideal. Use also along the browbone, cheekbone and nose bone to create definition and contoured shape. Foundations sticks can be added as an effective touch up mechanism. This will offer more coverage in target areas.

This weeks #TrendOfDaDay: Charismatic Neutral 
#FINISH – Always seal your make up look with a powder, preference according to skin type. This trend requires a pressed powder and a dense powder brush. Sweep across skin in circular motions, really wanting to matify the skin.  Like I said before Those with dryer skin think about using a loose or mineral powder to finish with using a less dense brush and just sweep briskly along t zone.

#COLOUR – This is where the “Charisma” comes in to this trend. Having now created a blank, neutral canvas, Let your lips pop out with our season must have Bright Pink Lipstick. Find a shade of pink to suit you but be aware this Make Up Look works best with the stronger Fuchsia tones as seen on Go for a matt lip this seasons preference. Use balms through out the day if using lip stains to give moister and a slight “pick me up” to your lips. #TIP Remember to line your lips with a matching lip liner to contain your colour and draw ur desired seductive shape, enhancing your “cupids bow”  
"Cupids Bow"
Contour cheeks with a blush that compliments your lipshade, you can double up using a playful pink on top of a deep Plum…this creates bone structure especially when u add your matt concealer pen to cheek bone, Lush!!

#EYES – Keeping in mind this is a day look I decided to stay light on the eyes, not too heavy or Smokey, thin eyeliner for both top and bottom lid. Always starting with the eyebrows as this frames your eyes, brush with throw away mascara brush and use natural eyebrow pencil for desired shape (keep it natural). Use a pearly off white highlight under the brow blending gradually. Use very lightly a black shadow with an eye shadow brush corner off into the crease of your socket, blending inwards. With a blending brush use a nude shade that compliments highlighter and lightly blend from corner to crease into the black. Now apply your liners. I used a black liquid lined thin and extended up to a slight angle. #TIP This gives a slanted shape to your eye and opens them up at the ends. Ideal for those who like me have eyes that slant or “droop” downwards. On the lower lid the same pearly off white highlighter pen was used to create a thin line above lower lash. The brightness of this shade really opens the eye creating that bright eyed effect. #TIP the thicker the line the bigger the eye appears. Lastly add you mascara, I went for a moisturising, lengthening type, keeping them natural looking.

Your Charismatic Nude Make Up Look is complete! Have Fun and Stay Sxc xx

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