Sunday, 11 September 2011


"B's Bump"
Beyonce "Preggo" VMA Performance 

Celeb Sunday is here again and what seems to becoming a trendy accessory isn't exactly one you can pop down to the shops to achieve. Its actually a gift from Mother Nature paired off with this seasons Stylish Sky Scraping Stiletto's. 
Yes am talking about a baby bump and High Heels.

Seen most recently sported on the energetic, Rap star Mogul, Jay Z's Mrs...Beyonce at the VMA's last month. This vibrant coloured, very on trend Orange Floor length gown complete with a cheeky side split enabled us to get a glance of her white strappy high heel number. If it wasn't daring enough for a lady with child, balancing the extra baby weight in stiletto's the fullness of her Lanvin gown was a definite jaw dropping "hands covering face" moment for me, as my heel rocking sassy sistas will no full floor length's with ya "bang bang" shoes normally ends up in several trips and tumbles especially under the huge pressure of a "green mile" walk down the red carpet filled with paps and millions watching! Definitely pressure! Doing this whilst pregnant was screaming hazard signs and warning bells as I held my breath with every step. Being a die hard Heel wearer I definitely would whilst up the duff as this is within my comfort zone, whether sky high paired with floor length "disaster waiting to happen" frocks, hmmm I think I'd have to pass on this Kamikaze casualty.

But who is the pioneer of this reoccurring trend? For me it has to be Victoria Beckham! Never without her 6inchers she is the "Heel & Hump" legend! But I must take my hat off to her and say she's a true pro as has had much "Heel & Hump" Practice and makes it look truly effortless as if she's walking in flip flops.And being an A-list guest at Prince William and Kate's wedding "Vicky B" drew for the "big guns", these very sexy at least 6inch Louboutins completed her black number nicely (though for me black was a little bit morbid for a spring wedding). 

Unfortunately not all celebrities are so graceful with their bump... 

Pinks Attempt at this "Heal and Hump" trend when carrying baby Willow last year was less flattering to say the least. I am a fan of Pink's image normally but not so in love with this "Xena Warrior Princess" outfit choice and those toes are a little too over the edge for my liking. I feel as if she is about to go head first after them. Sorry Pink but am not sold on this one, maybe a loose fit kaftan type would have been more appropriate with less hazardous footwear, maybe a peep toe wedge.

David & Victoria Beckham
at The Royal Wedding

Rachel Zoe

So what's your verdict? "Heels & Hump" Thumbs up or down? Fashion Faux Pas or styletastic? Is this a Stylish way to fashionably accessories your bump or a dangerous casualty that could seriously effect the state of your unborn seed? Please leave your comments X

Keep it Stylish...and Stay Sxc xx

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