Monday, 5 September 2011


A sunny Saturday in Manchester, Sidnie an award winning Fashion Designer Launched her stand alone Boutique. Of course Miss Shiniqua UK had to be front row getting the fashion scoop for you gorgeous bloggettes. 
Outside Sidnie Co Couture
I have to say this Launch was refreshing showcasing Art Canvases back to back with Quirky designs. My first observations were the exterior of the Store. The bright coloured aesthetics complete with a retro table and chairs set in a pebble stoned yard against its harsh urban surroundings was very visually impactual and a bold statement in its self.

Once inside you are greeted by such eye catching designs and imagery. The Eclectic mixture of designs, art and jewellery gets your fashion taste-buds flowing instantly. Set pleasantly in an open setting there was inch to inch filled rails of Sidnie's speciality, Bespoke designs.
Hailing from the West Indies Sidnie takes inspiration from her heritage but also from those around her, design development lead by both her own creations and the desires of her clientèle. Her creativity is limitless from mirrored clothing to extravagant furs, Sidnies collections have graced the backs of celebrity soap star actresses such as Michelle Collins, able to curve her appeal to a wide audience from all backgrounds. 

Mirrored L.B.D Against Design Ideas Boards
Sidnie Co Couture specializes in a "Made to Measure" service, Traditional dress making and fashion appreciation, which will contain such elements as styling, looking body types and consultations to dress making.

The Launch Of Sidine Co Couture was definitely a positive industry move. It brings a High Fashion Feel to the urban setting. Bringing the Catwalk to your doorstep and a European Charismatic feel to your wardrobe. I would say Sidnie Couture pieces would  be ideal for character styling or for a little something different, would suit someone with a extravagant personality or someone wanting to stand out or make an impact. Miss Shiniqua UK would trend a Sidnie Co Couture piece at a High Fashion event as they display individuality and a reflection of Runway. Watch this space and see if you can pick out a Sidnie Co Couture Piece in the up and coming trend calenders.

Miss Shiniqua UK Interviewing Sidnie Of Sidnie Co Couture

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