Tuesday, 27 September 2011

#TRENDOFDADAY: Wow-Factor Wine

This Weeks Trend: Wow-Factor Wine
Time Frame: 19th - 25th Sept

Rock the #TrendOfDaDay Each Day of the week with a different flavor in your own way.

Another week another look and staying on trend could not be easier with this guideline of updating your wardrobe accordingly so you stay in season.

Its been a effervescent week of an abundance of styles, fabrics, colour pallets, prints and textures! So much to choose from but how many will stick and filter down into our handy high street. Well I predict wine will be a luscious look which will be super hot this autumn. From lipsticks to nail varnish full on gowns and hair colour e the first to “get your wine on!
A few ways you can Wow with your wine is your make up look. A wine lipstick worn nicely against a pure natural complexion. And deep blush is Lush, Lush, Lush!!

Here I have applied by liquid medium coverage foundation with a matifying base and blended right into my skin with a stipple brush to create that even natural base. Using a thick slanted brush I lightly dusted a glowing powder over cheek and t-zone. I opted for a deep plum blush applied medium – full on, contoured with highlighter.
A wine lip line was used very thin the same colour as my wine moisturising lipstick applied heavily to give a plump eye-catching look.

In my opinion this look is executed best with hints of wine flashing through. Wine lipstick can definitely turned any outfit into a wow factor wine look. 
Wine scarves and jackets also are ideal for this look. 
However the look we are gong to go fr which executed "Wow Factor Wine" best this week is fresh off the Manhattan catwalk from the Gucci collection! 
A wine flooded floor length number normally wouldn't be my choice but have to say this is a season must have. The fabric so feminine displaying the womanly physique and depth reflecting against skin tone. The use of cut out and high splits are perfect in breaking up the piece
Wine on wine has been accessorised here and looks great! The use of wine shoes, deep wine belt, wine shades on wine lipstick keeping complexion nude full coverage.

Definitely a "Wow Factor"look.

Rate this look "Styletastic", "Fashion Faux Pas" or "Indifferent" by ticking the boxes below...Stay Sxc xx

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