Thursday, 22 September 2011


"A-List View"
New York Fashion Week Highlights
Weds 14th & Thurs 15th Sept

So the last two days as The Big Apple's Fashion festivities draw to a close the Top Dogs in Hollywood come out to get a peak of the Fashion action.

Oscar award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg and Vogue Fashion editor and Americas Next Top Model Judge Andre Leaon Talley flew in from L.A to divulge in a friendly cuddle before the Chado Ralph Rucci show.

Prestige actor Michael Douglas took the casual leather jacket and Miami Vice opened button short look to the Michael Kors Show. Looking good this look was very age appropriate but not one all silver crown and glory wearers could pull off.

Avatar actress Zoe Saldana photographed below with Fashion Designer Michael Kors after he previewed his Spring 2012 collection. Keeping it simple with grey vest top and calf length pencil skirt. 
A little librarian for me but could of been spiced up with some vibrant sky Christian Laboutins, large diamond studs and wine lips.

Amazing actress Phylicia Rashad and Morgan Freemans Ex-wife Myrna Colley- Lee sit respectably at the B America Spring 2012 Runway show.

27 year old actress Olivia Wilde flew 1st class from Kenya where she was filming to be front row at the only attended show by her, Ralph Lauren.
She was quoted saying "I'm really happy I made it because it was a very special show" and requested one of the pieces to wear around New York.

Loving this lipstick and green clutch to contrast with chick black jumpsuit. 

And last but not least New York Home grown multi-platinum rapper 50 Cent allegedly made an appearance at Fashion Week. Sporting his famous white tee look but today worn with white Fisherman style hat. "You could of put a suit on Curtis".

Check out the #TrendOfDaDay's to follow these High Fashion Spring Collections coming soon.

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