Saturday, 10 September 2011


"X Factor To Top Model"

Location: South Mcr
Date: 25th Aug 2011

Once again the life as a MUA & Fashion Stylist is never predictable which was definitely the way to describe my encounter with the one of the UK's Leading reality TV show stars. When I got the last minute call to be head Stylist and Make Up artist on a shoot with a young lady I now know as the extremely talented Misha Bryan I was delighted and dropped everything as I jumped at the chance to collaborate with a hot X Factor favourite who is a fellow Mancunian like myself. 

Arriving early as I always like to be to prepare my kit I browsed the racks of the Sidnie Co Couture Boutique and was spoilt for choice of what to pick out for the shoot. So many eccentric peices and a vast range of diversity.

We managed to narrow it down to 5 outfits. 
1920s Chic
All reflecting different dimensions of Mishas Character and a few new ones we created. This look being my favourite was based on a Vintage Casino Jazz singer from the 1920's. So elegant and powerful with a chic confidence carried off so well by Miss Bryan. There was no difficulty in getting into character, as Misha took direction so well and just really "got it" straight away. The Electric Blue shoes and head piece were the eye-catching feature of this outfit which I feel photographed really well.

Now swag being a word which is extremely overused, its one I tend to stay away from using myself, however in this case it is a must to describe the flavour of this outfit. Modelled so eloquently this oversized fur "chinchilla" type fit Misha like a glove as again she immediately got into role and was the over-dramatic diva that this look portrayed. Worn with skimpy under garments not wanting to overshadow the piece we used a elegant cascading necklace which was draped seductively over the cleavage which just added that little bit extra to the look. 
Geisha Diva
Quite a lot of embellishment, use of colour and props would usually overshadow a model and would result in them being lost in the shot. This was the total opposite in this case. The Make Up was carried off really well as we threw all the rules out the window went totally wacky with a blue lip colour which I blocked with grape. This gave a very very seductive yet eccentric feel.The eye shadow was heavy mixing shades of purples which contrasted with the yellow fur and use of bright blue.
Urban Fairytale Princess

Not wanting to give all away as the final edits are under construction ill leave you bloggettes thirsting for part two of the Misha Bryan shoot as she continues to do amazingly well on the Xfactor making it into judges houses. Vote for her to win such a talented, beautiful young lady who deserves all the success coming her way. 

Keep it Stylish...Stay Sxc xx

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