Monday, 2 July 2012

#TrendOfDaDay: SPIKES

BRA TOP: Small independent Store Stonecrest Mall Atlanta 
SHOES: Jeffery Campbell "Vicious" (Black / Fushia) 

The latest Fad from New York to New Zealand, Catwalk to Highstreet literally everywhere and on everything is Spikes. Raising hell in all corners of the globe this is no longer a hazardous torture method but a popular fashion accessorie. Have you got yours?
Now most popular accessorie to "Get Spiked" are shoes from Louboutin to Guisppes who have been spiking there kicks for years. But with Customisation being a massive trend right now peeps every are D.I.Y Spiking their whole wardrobes. Check out my girls below and discover there "sharp ended" secrets...
Eccentrik Beauty 
(click to enlarge) 

Have been sporting this trend for months as we covered in "Changing Room Shenanigans" Blog post below A more affordable Highstreet option to the Deigner Big Spenders.

Steve Madden 
One of my favourite US Shoe retailers killed me with there latest spike editions. I found a matching Black Body Con in Miami too with gold Spikes on the chest #OUCH
Kandee Shoes 
Does it for me Everytime !! #SHOEISIDE Kandee Feature coming soon...
ME: Shoes - Kurt Geiger / Headband - River Island
> @Deeja_Couture: 2Peice Ensemble - River Island
> @Mzkola1: Accessories - Mixture of Independent Boutiques (Msg For Details)
> @Keeshabeesha: Accessories -

Sporting the Spike trend in Miami Memorial Weekend 2012 #DELICIOUS

Jeffery Campbell 
"Vicious" (Red / Zebra) 
Selling out everywhere but Still available at:

So if you haven't already "GET SPIKED" !! Stay on Trend...Stay SXC xx