Sunday, 9 October 2011


All that glitters may not be gold but its definitely "ON Trend".
This season sees some of the most glistening fantasy 6 inchers making us women feel like a fairytale princess. 
Although shoe mogul Mr Christian Louboutin lost his court case to be the owner of Red Sole trademark he is still on top of the shoe trend with the latest embellished Swarovski Daffodil range.

Seen on international yummy mummy of the moment Beyonce who definitely runs my shoe world wearing my favourite's, the white Swarovski daffodils. Only one so  privileged can wear them casually with skinny jeans and a loose fit nude top to a the NBA All stars game (sat nxt to hubby Jay-Z). 
The look is mismatched with a very natural relaxed mix of garment. Very current, the "accidental" trend. Simplisticly worn with killer embellished stiletto's that make the outfit choice come together. Wearing night time heels with day time clothes is my speciality but now trending. Matching out...Mismatching in.

After the popularity of whites in the recent couture collections across the European Fashion weeks especially Paris (which I will give you the scoop on next) and recent endorsements of the snow white diamond encrusted daffodil. Over this coming festive period expect to see white being the new black and a wedding favourite for any celebrities walking down the aisle (surprisingly not chosen by Louboutin fiend Ms Kardashian at her recent knot tying endeavours). 
A hott Red Carpet favourite also, already previewed by Hiedi Klum at Elton Johns Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing party back in February.

Not all of us can squeeze the piggy bank hard enough to see enough dosh drop out to cop these aspirational Loubs. Good job we've got the high-street retailers on our side to recreate the High Fashion Shoe trends at "working class" prices. Schuh's version, not as high an instep but very Cinderella at the ball like. Reflective heels and slight platform a round toe imitation of the Red Sole Must haves. Although were apart of their last season collection I have a feeling that the retailer along with many others will be revisiting sugar coated shiny "shoe-adise"so keep an eye out and stay On Trend!...Stay Sxc xx

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