Thursday, 29 December 2011


So as 2011 draws to a close theres only one way to put your best foot only the best stilettos. Being a psychotic shoe lover I thought it only my duty to show you my 10 festive faves. Not only aspirational but affordable and it's sale time so the best time to fill your shoedrobe!! So sit back Bloggettes and fill your eyes!!

Lisa Mafia - House of Maffia

UNDER £50: "Chic & Affordable" New Look: £24.99

UNDER £50: "Classic Edge" Zara £39.99 (Sale)

OUCH: "Complex-Simplicity" River Island

Kandee shoes also available on Asos are more affordable designer shoe range I found. If your a Louboutin Lover like me but the closest you get to them is licking your computer screen then check out these, very "Loub Like" kicks but for less.

#SHOEISIDE: "Blueberryade" Kandee £159.99

SHOE SPLUGE: "Sugar Daddy" Kandee £111.99 (Sale)

Shoe Boots have been so On Trend this season working for day and evening looks. Very chick & fashionable easy transferable.

UNDER £50: "Xmas Booties" Asos £36 (Sale)

CUTTING EDGE: "Celebrity Status" River Island £120

TREAT YA SELF: "Tigra" Kandee £151.99

These caught my eye whist scouring the web...worn right could be Very Fashionista but not could end up a Fashion Disaster so Be Careful!

AFFORDABLE COUTURE: "Fierce" Asos £52.50

These have been my seasonal guilty pleasure, although am not a usual fan of Cheryl Cole her new shoe collection includes a timeless classic revamped and made very alluring.

PARISIAN LADY: "Ooh La La" Cheryl Cole £79.99

Stay tuned for more Fashion updates and comment / rate this post by ticking "Styletastic" "Fashion Faux Pas" or "Indifferent" boxes below. Have a Stylish New Year and Stay on Trend Stay Sxc xx

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